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    zuki Guest

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    Hi there, I have a Suzuki intruder 1400cc with the megaphone pipes running open end caps and a stage 1 kit in the carbs. If I want to go stage 2 how many more discs should I add? Would I lose some driveability with this setup? What are some recommendations to improve power on this bike? Thanks!

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    bschultz Guest


    If the exhaust is tuned in properly now, start by adding discs, for more flow...minimum 3, max 6. Performance should improve with proper tuning (matching up the exhaust flow that takes advantage of your A/F combination).

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    zuki Guest

    Default Jetting

    I'm not to sure if the exhaust is tuned properly right now. Bike seems to run real good...lots of power but the rear cyl headpipe is turning golden brown were the front is still chrome. I'm thinking of moving my needle clip position to #3 from #2 to richin up. This is the setting for drag pipes without baffles. My question is how many more discs can I add before I'm at the full volume the baffles can flow. Do you think I'll be too rich?
    Thanks for the advice

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    bschultz Guest


    18-20 discs with a closed end cap should give you max flow (the same as running without the disc assembly), which will be not much different than drag pipes (except you have fiberglass packing which provides sound deadenig material).

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