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Thread: Baffle for 127-71572

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    xsanai Guest

    Default Baffle for 127-71572

    I'm trying to reduce noise level (db) of Kerker 2 into 1 supermeg. Does baffle can reduce noise? Are there any baffle for 127-71572 muffler? Please give me some suggestion for reducing the noise level of 127-71572 muffler.

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    bschultz Guest


    Do you currently have a complete muffler (with core, end cap & packing)?

    If you do...then the only other option would be to replace the complete muffler with a SuperTrapp unit.

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    xsanai Guest

    Default KerKer 127-71572 SuperMegs

    Is it possible to buy and replace the last half part of SupperTrapp?

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    bschultz Guest


    Yes, it would require changing the whole muffler unit; muffler body, core & packing, disc assembly.

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