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Thread: Supemegs 2-1 Street Bob with Xieds

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    jaska69 Guest

    Default Supermegs 2-1 Street Bob with Xieds

    i have SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs on my 2008 street bob with closed endcap & 24 discs. Great deep sound
    Running with Xied lamda richer plugs (13.8:1 AFR) w/stock air cleaner assembly.
    Little sniffle feel after earlier slip-on mufflers, feels like bike goes too rich or something, or just think that when there is no more so much that noise
    I ordered V&H stage 1 freeflow air cleaner assembly,
    can i go on with this setup,
    or do i need upgrade some fuel management kit,
    or is it just waste of money? No need to max power,
    just need to engine running well. What do you think? Thank you!
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    bschultz Guest


    We have not done any testing with the Extreme Inline Enrichment Device. You mention that the bike seems to go rich...that's the whole idea behind the XIED product.
    We test and develope our products on stock, out of the showroom, factory machines.
    You may want to try running it without the device.

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    jaska69 Guest


    Ok, thanks for reply. I have Europe model where is intake/ exhaust flaps stock
    for noise control.
    There is still that intake flap, but next i remove it with stock baseplate when new cleaner arrives.
    I try ride it first, maybe it donīt get enough air with that stock cleaner.
    Can i see colors of the discs/ spark plugs that fuel/air mix is ok.
    Now discks are about dark matte grey or light black. I ride 98E5 fuel. We have now here in Finland also 10% ethylene gas 95E10 , but i dont still use it.

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    bschultz Guest


    A restricted intake could cause a rich running condition.
    Disc color should be similar to plug color.

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