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Thread: Torque dip with Fat SHots

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    Default Torque dip with Fat SHots

    Hey guys, I had my bike tuned and I'm not real happy with the results. Basically, I've got a torque dip that begins around 2500 RPM, bottoms out around 3200 and then climbs back up until 3750 where the normal curve shape takes over.

    Running: 2011 FLHTK, factory 103, cycle-rama 575 cams, Fuel-Moto jackpot headers, and Fat Shots with 18 discs (each side) and closed end cap. Experimented and took 4 discs off each side and the shape stayed the same, just everything dropped a few numbers. Tuner says it's the mufflers and he can't do any more to tune it out. So, is this inherent to these mufflers, or do I need to change something? IS the tuner just full of BS? The dip is right smack dab where I normally ride so I want it gone.

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    Most torque dips can be the results of the cam profile/duration.

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