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Thread: Tuning My FXR

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    Default Tuning My FXR

    Just bought a 1993 FXR that although a stock 80" is putting out 98 HP at the rear wheel. It has a Supertrapp 2-into-1 with 21 discs (a lot right?) and a 1.5" hole in the end cap. I'd like to quiet her down a little. Somebody told me that the open cap is like adding ten discs? Anyway, is the exhaust being this open almost equivalent to a drag pipe? With a closed cap, what would be a good baseline number of discs to go down to?

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    bschultz Guest


    Add 10 discs with a closed end cap to equal the flow you have with the open end cap.

    With that many discs you are flowing the should be able to remove the disc assembly and have the same performance.

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