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    Hello. New here, but not to ST. Have had your systems on several bikes. I have a 2008 Roadglide with true duals, stage 1 a/c, SE Fatshot slip-ons with 10 discs and open end caps. Also a power commander V mapped for this set-up. I want to change to closed end caps. How many discs do I need to add to keep the same map? Please include P/N for the discs and your "logo" (402-3046?) end caps. Thanks, Bill

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    bschultz Guest


    The 4" open end cap flows for 10-12 disc, so add 10-12 discs per muffler.
    P/N 402-3046 is the Aluminum "logo" end cap with heatshield (closed stamped ss end cap).
    4" discs come in 6 (P/N 404-6506) or 12 (P/N 404-6512) packs.

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    blackdog30 Guest


    Thank you.

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    blackdog30 Guest


    I put on the closed end caps, and have 16 discs per side. Same PCV map. The sound is like a mellow glass pack under accelleration, but nice idle and quiet cruise. Really pleased so far. Thanks.

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    Good, glad to hear it.

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