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    HappyHenk Guest

    Default where to start.

    Hi after many years no Harley now owner of a Ultra Classic '93.this bike came with Supertrapp slip-ons and stock pipes, K&N airfilter. Now comes the question HOW many disc do i need to start with cause when reading other threads with 2on2 exhausts you talk about left side less than right side.
    Please explain this dutch guy?

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    bschultz Guest


    An even amount of discs is fine; however can be overkill on a bike equipped with the stock (OEM) crossover headpipe.
    If you start your bike and walk around to the back and place your hands by the exhaust, you will notice that more exhaust exits the right side; hence the difference in number of discs.

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    HappyHenk Guest


    Okay, yes I did noticed this already before, so if the right site gives more exhaust, does this mean that i have to change the number of discs and in what order.

    thks in advance

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    HappyHenk Guest


    Sorry forgot to tell you that i do have the stock (OEM) crossover headpipe, and notice last week that the sparkplug from the backcylinder was more black than the frontplug. sorry for my bad english
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    bschultz Guest


    What's on it now and how does it run?

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    HappyHenk Guest


    Sorry B. did'nt open it yet tried yesterday on my work but the tappered endcap is pretty stuck so i will try it at home, how it runs, well when i came on the job this morning i fellt the exhausts and yes from behind the right side gives more exhaust than the left side.
    It's a stock crossover 2/2 and in the low end i have enough power so it seems but when driving in 4th gear up to 110 km's/3,5 a 4000rpm it takes a while to get there for shifting over into the 5th, in 5th gear it's also not so fast upgoing. So i would say in midrange and top-end there is some slack.
    Tks in advance for your help.
    Grtz Henk

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