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Thread: Hey from Duluth GA

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    gazippoman Guest

    Default Hey from Duluth GA

    I'm finally ready to start changing some things on my '10 FLHTK. 30K miles and I'm ready to change the sound and the performance. So I though I'd ask the GURU a couple of questions....

    I've just ordered the 128-65117's because I want a low rumble, but not LOUD.

    My question concerns my future planned changes. Going with non-cat head pipes, a/c and TTS mastertune. Will this make the 65117's too loud?

    And as an aside...can put on the 65177s....then change the a/c without having to tune? It would help if I could spread the costs out over a little more time.

    Thanks from GA

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    bschultz Guest


    The 128-65117's were designed to produce a sound level similar to the 128-65115's (for the earlier models without catalysts). The catalyst in the 2010/11 headpipes soak up a tremendous amount of sound. If you remove the catalyst then the sound level will increase...most any type of modification, even something as minor as a freer flowing air filter, will increase sound levels. Will it become too loud? That's going to be your call.

    Installing pipes and a breather should not require further mods if the "closed loop" fuel injection is functioning as intended.

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