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Thread: Disc changes due to new headpipes

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    Question Disc changes due to new headpipes

    My 03 FLHRCI currently has a SE Breather, stock headpipes, S&S 510 cams, with Supertrapp Fatshots. I run 16 discs on the right, and eight on the left, both with open end caps. I am changing my headpipes to Khrome Werks 200600 head pipes to give me 02 bungs, so I can add a Thundermax w/Autotune. I am also switching to a Stage II Big Sucker at my tuners recommendation. These head pipes look like current stockers, but with no cat. They are discreetly cross-connected. From reading other posts, it looks like I am using too many discs. Should I change the balance of discs from side to side, while reducing the overall count, after changing to this new headpipe?
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