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Thread: 06 Screamin Eagle Ultra Classic

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    Dakotazeb Guest

    Default 06 Screamin Eagle Ultra Classic

    I am currently running Vance & Hines True Duals and Oval mufflers on my bike along with a Ness Big Sucker and PowerCommander. But the Ovals are just a little too loud for me. A riding buddy is running the 3 inch slipons with the internal discs on his '05 Ultra with 95" build. Not sure how many discs he is using. I know the 103" on my bike is louder than the 88's or 95's, especially with the true duals. What can I expect with the 3" internal disc slipons on my bike. Top performance is not the issue, just a good running bike with good sound but not too loud.

    Do you have any PowerCommander maps for your mufflers?

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    bschultz Guest


    The Internal Disc slip-ons should work well with your 103", just plan on running 20-24 discs per side. No PC maps for the 103.

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    Dakotazeb Guest


    But won't running 20-24 discs make the mufflers quite loud?

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    bschultz Guest


    Depends what you consider loud. A drag pipe is loud. Sound is like art, with sound it's in the ear of the beholder.

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