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Thread: V-Twin: Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons for Baggers

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    Default V-Twin: Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons for Baggers

    Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons are available for '95 - '11 FLH / FLT with Stock Headpipe, stock AC and stock FI settings.

    Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons Product Page:

    Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons Dyno Chart:

    Stock vs. SuperTrapp Stouts vs. Kerker Stouts Dyno Chart:

    Bagger Slip-Ons Sound Chart:

    Bagger Slip-Ons dB levels:

    V-Twin Exhausts Product Page:


    JayBrake Website: Controls, Calipers, Switches, Grips, Pegs, Floorboards and more!

    Jardine Performance Products Website: *Back rests, highway bars and accessories for Harley-Davidson models**

    For more info:
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    Stock Headpipe, stock AC, stock fi settings.

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    chasrob50 Guest


    I have a 2011 Road King completely stock except I added the Xied (inline enrichening device), I would like to install a set of the Kerkers 4" Stout Slip-ons and keep it the way it is. The Xied changes the AFR to approx. 13.8 to 1, will this create any problems?
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    Shouldn't as long as you enrichening device does not intererfere with the normal operation of your "closed loop" FI.

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    chasrob50 Guest

    Default kerker 4" stout

    So, the way I read your answer is, that if my bike runs good now with the stock pipes, that by changing to the kerker 4" stout slip ons, it should run just as good? Thank you for your advice by the way.

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    B e t t e r !

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