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Thread: what exhaust to buy?

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    acmo.sch Guest

    Default what exhaust to buy?


    My bike is FAT BOY 2010 with 200 tire, but in the future I will to place heartlander 250 wide tire kit.
    what exhaust will I have to buy? but that I can to use now with stock rear wheel and swing arm.
    I will have to buy the exhaust #828-71572 now and after change for the #828-71471 when I put the heartlander kit or
    to buy now the #828-71471.

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    bschultz Guest


    The 828-71572 will work now; however the WIDE tire pipe 828-71471 is not offered with o2 bungs and we currently do NOT offer a WIDE tire application that does come with o2 bungs.

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    acmo.sch Guest


    bschultz ,

    So I can not to use the 828-71471 because do not have the o2 ports.

    But is impossible for me to work with 828-71572 on my bike if I put the 250 kit?
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    bschultz Guest


    The unit clears the "newer" 220's now. We have not tried it; however modifying the bracket and pushing the pipe out may allow for the clearance needed. Right hand controls may be an issue though.
    The headpipe on the wide tire units is bent slightly different and compensates for this potential issue.

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