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    ian03xl Guest

    Default outlet size

    I bought a universal megaphone slip on with a 2" inlet and noticed it has a 2" outlet. I plan to shorten this to a 2.5" inlet on a custom application. The question is can the outlet or muffler portion of this be changed to a larger size? Oh ya the 2" inlet was the largest size offered on the supertrapp website or I would have gotten a 2.5 to begin with.

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    bschultz Guest


    To better assist you please provide a part number?
    The issue you may run into is that the core assembly is most likely 2" or there is a "core locator" on the inlet end of the core assembly (to keep it centered at the inlet end).

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    ian03xl Guest


    part # is 425-20000 although I don't think I'll have to change it still would be nice to know. thanks

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    bschultz Guest


    The Universal Megaphone Series Mufflers only come in the 1.75" and 2" inlet sizes and removing length at the inlet end will result in the issue touched on earlier. A 2.5" core assembly is NOT available for P/N 425-200000.
    If you feel a 2.5" flow capacity is needed for your application than I would consider looking at the S/C Series of pipes.

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