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    I see on the Supertrapp store site that I can get a new muffler with wrapping for my Supermegg pipe. My initial tune was really bad and caused blueing of my muffler housing at the front of where the muffler fits in it. So I got a new muffler housing. When I took the muffler out though, the wrap was burnt like charred paper. The bike sounds differently now and I doubt the muffler is functioning like Supertrapp intends them to function. My question is, should I get a whole new muffler, the store site says they are $89. Or should I just get new wrapping? In any case I am well aware that I wiil need to retune and already have that arranged. Thanks. I included the pic to point out the blueing. By the way I tried everything in the way of creams and potions to clean that off, to no avail.
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