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    Question True or Not

    Gooday, I recently bought a 2011 Dyna, I've got a K&N filter kit and getting a set of Supermegs and have ordered a TTS tuner to go. I was told by a Dealer here in Oz that I had to have a tuner if I fit air cleaner and exhaust upgrades, is that correct? From what I have read on this site it appears that I dont have to. Thanks Tommo

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    bschultz Guest


    Our experience, acquired during the testing of our exhaust products, with the newer closed loop fuel injection (o2 sensor equipped) models shows the readings from the o2 sensors feeds info back to the ECM which reads and sends signals to the injectors to keep the A/F ratio within the parameters set at the factory.
    That is not saying there can't be more performance gained from a machine in the hands of an experienced tuner and a good fuel management system.

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    Thanks for the reply, you cleared that issue for me. Dealer was pushing a tuner, got to expect that. As I said I have a TTS on the way so will play with that and see what I can do, probably not as easy as the Tmax auto tune I used last bike!!

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