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    I see on the Supertrapp store site that I can get a new muffler with wrapping for my Supermegg pipe. My initial tune was really bad and caused blueing of my muffler housing at the front of where the muffler fits in it. So I got a new muffler housing. When I took the muffler out though, the wrap was burnt like charred paper. The bike sounds differently now and I doubt the muffler is functioning like Supertrapp intends them to function. My question is, should I get a whole new muffler, the store site says they are $89. Or should I just get new wrapping? In any case I am well aware that I wiil need to retune and already have that arranged. Thanks. I included the pic to point out the blueing. By the way I tried everything in the way of creams and potions to clean that off, to no avail.
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    All chrome starts to discolor between 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit. Normal discoloration/bluing is 6-12"s from the ports on most properly tuned machines. We've seen this discoloration/heat work it's way down the pipe even further with factory tuning tending to be on the lean side to meat government standards and as an attempt to improve fuel milage/efficiency.
    Fiberglass muffler packing deteriorates over time with heat being its biggest culprit. The fiberglass muffler packing serves several functions; sound deadening material, a nice clean flow through the core for performance and somewhat of an insulation from the heat of the exhaust to the muffler body.
    We've seen a couple hard dyno pulls where extreme heat is generated due to initial setup and repeated pulls that the whole headpipe discolors and the muffler body starts to discolor such as yours.
    Replacing the packing prior to tuning is normally recommended; however it would behoove you to have the bike tuned properly BEFORE swapping out the muffler assembly to prevent discoloration of the new unit.

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