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Thread: Not sure I should accept this.

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    Toph Guest

    Question Not sure I should accept this.

    Had damage done to my '07 street bob on the freeway a couple weeks back. The other party's insurance is covering it and I took it to my local harley dealer for repairs. I had Supertrapp 2:1 supermegs that have to be replaced and the dealer inadvertantly ordered Kerker 2:1 supermegs and wants me to buy-off on them. I liked the performance of the Supertrapp pipes. Will I be disappointed (or stupid) if I accept the Kerker pipes?

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    bschultz Guest


    Sound level and tone is higher on the Kerker and of course you do not have the benefit of controlling the exhaust flow by adding or removing discs. Beyond that, the headpipe and heat shields are identical in dimension/construction and both utilize a 2.5" muffler core.

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    Toph Guest


    Decided to try the Kerker. Like the throatier rumble at lower RPM's, seems a bit obnoxious if I jump on it. Prior tunable pipes had 12 disks. New set-up doesn't seem to have as much low-end grunt but has more power on the upper-end.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Toph Guest


    By the way, are there any other end-cap options for these pipes?

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