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Thread: Disc and endcap question

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    chopper Guest

    Default Disc and endcap question

    Hi there have a set of Slip ons on my 95 road king and am looking to tune them a bit more, i have the pipes off and will be pulling them apart shortly to see how many discs are in each one.

    Question is how many should i have in there? i have a Screamin eagle ignition system, open filter (RSD) and a EV13 cam.

    Also is there anything i should changing as far as the carb is concerned?

    Any recomendations etc?

    Also end caps, i have the tappered end caps at the moment, i dont like em, can i just run without end caps? or is there a stock 3.5" end cap i can get (for reasonable money!) if not i will make one myself

    Thanks in advance

    Neil (from UK)

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    bschultz Guest


    Sounds like you have the Internal Disc Series Slip-Ons which come with 12 discs per muffler. With a relatively stock machine running the OEM cross-over head pipe we would recommend you start your tuning with 8-10 discs, increasing the number of discs on the right, if needed (running to rich). Look at the Accessories page at the website for the Internal Disc end-cap options, any of the P/N's that begin with 308-xxxx.
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