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Thread: Shell-Camino Monster Truck w/ SuperTrapp's Universal 5" S/C Elite

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    Default Shell-Camino Monster Truck w/ SuperTrapp's Universal 5" S/C Elite

    SuperTrapp is the proud exhaust sponsor of the Shell-Camino Monster Truck Team. Shelley, is one of a few female drivers in the industry. She placed sixth overall in racing last year amongst 200+ drivers. She is involved in several causes, including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Komen Race for the Cure.

    The Team recently built a Ride Truck - same chassis, tires, body as the Racer with seats in the back. It is fun entertainment for young and old. The Ride Truck accompanies the Race Truck to shows and also appear at various festivals, auto shows and fairs.

    Some County fairs request a quieter Ride in consideration of livestock in the vicinity of the arena. That's where SuperTrapp's tunable disc technology came in.

    By simply subtracting discs from the 5" Universal S/C Elites, the Shell-Camino team is able to reduce the sound of their exhaust in no time at all. When they want to kick up the tone and power, they simply add the discs back to the S/C muffler.

    Universal Exhausts Product Page:


    Shell-Camino Monster Truck Team Website:
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    Impressive! Look at those huge mud tires! Watched the video and saw the cool trucks and bikes. Anyway, is there a Shell-Camino event for this year?

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