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Thread: 01 Heritage Supermeg or Silent Series

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    oldjime Guest

    Default 01 Heritage Supermeg or Silent Series

    I have an 01 Heritage with an SE Stage 1 upgrade. The Flash update was originally based on SE Slipons. I currently have a set of SE 16 Ga Double Barrel pipes installed which work great but are getting to noisy for me.

    I am trying to decide between a Supermeg or Silent Series pipe. Would like to lessen the noise without loosing to much of the good low end torque I get with my current pipes.

    Also want to know if I can stiil use the Stage 1 Flash settings or do I need to get a tuning device.

    Thanks for any info


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    bschultz Guest


    The SuperTrapp SuperMeg 2:1 is the quietest performance pipe on the market. Whether it's quiet enough for you is personal preference. Both are a good option from what you currently have; however the "Quiet Series" will be restrictive if future upgrades/mods are made.
    Have you considered servicing your current pipes (repacking or replacing the cores)?

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    oldjime Guest


    Thanks for quick response. I will pull the baffels and check. They only have about 12 K on them so don't expect to find much wear and tear. I like the pipes just looking for something a littler quiter with all the no noise stuff going on.



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