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Thread: 08 Ultra SE3 question

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    SOwens Guest

    Default 08 Ultra SE3 question

    Will be installing Fatshots on my 08 Ultra SE3 with V&H Tru-Duals, K&N and Nightrider XIED's What is a good starting point for torque and mid range? Bike seems to be a heavy breather.

    .....................I think I found my answer from a couple of previous threads. 10-12 disk's. I will start with 12 an see how it goes.
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    bschultz Guest


    10-12 is a good starting point.

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    SOwens Guest


    One more question. If I want to go with just the open end cap, do I need any additional disk? I thought the end cap was equivalent to 10-12 disk, if that's the case seems like it would work without disk?

    Thanks for the help.

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    bschultz Guest


    That is correct.

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