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Thread: IDS question

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    George Guest

    Default IDS question

    Noticed the IDS is applicable from '95-'11 for an FLHR. Mine's a '10, and I understand the catalysts are in the headpipes.

    Does this change the # of disks that should be used? And would I need to add, or is the system ready to install based on the model year when ordering?


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    bschultz Guest


    The IDS slip-ons come with 12 discs per muffler. We would suggest 8-10 discs per muffler on a stock machine.

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    George Guest


    You've a good forum here and I appreciate the answers you've given concerning the slip-ons. It seems they have the versatility to adapt to changes as I make them, at the same time being an enjoyable first step.

    Time to go shopping

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    bschultz Guest


    Thanks for the positive feedback.

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