Bought a 94 Fatboy with long, straight, fishtails. Obnoxiously loud and significant difference in plugs. Picked up a used older SE-branded 2-1 Supermeg. Mounted it as it came - 20 discs, packed, and stock closed end-cap. I did pull the discs to confirm packing and they were pretty sooty - cleaned them before installing. Awful quiet for a Harley. Finally put about 60 miles on it.

Noticed the collector junction is now bright blue (see it reflected in trans cover). Is this normal? Header-pipes don't seem to be coloring unusually. Discs appear to be browning nicely.

Also noticed a "rattle" when adding significant throttle under load - not there unless under low-RPM load. In neutral, she revs nice and quiet. Could be the rattle was always there and just couldn't hear it over the other pipes. The motor is supposed to be stock and the CV carb is jetted at 45 idle (3 turns open) and 185 main with an 88 Sporty needle - confirmed myself and even replaced all intake seal to insure no air leaks.

Thinking about the open end-cap to get some of the HD "thump" back. Guessing the open-cap plus 10 discs - or is that still over-kill for a stock mill?