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Thread: Which one will work best??

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    J. Thompson #5150 Guest

    Default Which one will work best??

    Hi, I have an old Honda CL350 that I'm getting back together and I'm about to start on the exhaust. Currently it has a couple of small glass packs that look like something from JC Whitney, they barely pass as mufflers at all and they're extremely loud. Since I plan to take the bike to the local OHV parks I'm trying to reach that 96 dB mark and I also have to have a spark arrestor. I'm doing this on a very tight budget so I'm looking at the lowest cost possible, and I found these two options:

    First, the 3" discs-only setup. I can't find much on these other than being approved by the Forestry Service. Does that mean they will meet the 96 dB requirement on their own? I plan to either use one for each pipe or fab up a 2-1 coupler and use a single one.

    And second, I found this product on ebay:

    It's listed as Supertrapp Kerker 550 and Smaller Engines 4M-3911, which I couldn't find in the catalog, so I'm guessing it's NOS. There were no dimensions listed but it seems like it just needs baffle material and a casing.

    So which one would be the better one to use?

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    bschultz Guest


    Your first pick, the 3" disc only unit will make the exhaust spark arrested; however due to the lack of muffler body w/packing the db level your trying to reach is highly unlikely.

    The second option is a historical piece. Our computer goes way back and then we have some real old catalogs beyond that, unfortunately we have no records of this baffle/core, or what it fits. If you provide some dimensions, length & diameter, I may be able to match up a muffler body you could adapt to it.

    Beyond that I might recommend looking at the 3M Steel DirtBike Universals.

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    J. Thompson #5150 Guest


    The only information I was able to get is that the old part fits inside a Kerker exhaust for 550 and smaller engines. I'm tempted to just buy it and fab my own canister for it, but...

    As far as the disc-only unit goes, how well do they work using the minimal amount of discs? I've heard a few sound clips, one was on a sport bike, and it didn't sound like it was much louder than a stock exhaust. The parks we ride at are miles from any homes so the rangers are more concerned with the exhaust having spark arrestors and that the sound is at a reasonable level, and that's if they're even there, which usually they're not unless there's a complaint. Their policy is more like "if it's quiet enough to ride through your own neighborhood without upsetting the neighbors or the police, it's probably quiet enough to ride here".
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    bschultz Guest


    It would be an experiment, it may or may not put you at a sound level you (and everyone else) can live with.

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