I hoped to find a supermeg for this bike but they seem to be few and very far between for now. I came across a deal on the internal disc slipons so I thought I would give that a shot. I'm interested in keeping sound to a radio friendly level and since this is a heavy bike making the best of available low and mid-range torque. I'm assuming this means a reduction in the number of discs on both counts compared to maximizing power. Eventually, when the money tree is a little healthier, I will swap head pipes but am running stock for now. What is a good starting place for the number of discs in these mufflers for my goals? With the stock headpipes and mufflers, it seems that roughly 2/3 of the exhaust goes through the right muffler. Should the number of discs be adjusted to try and even out the flow or does that really matter since pressure should somewhat equalize at the "power port"?