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Thread: Which slip-ons ?

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    jimesc Guest

    Default Which slip-ons ?

    I have a 2005 Harley Road King and just purchased a set of Supertrapp SE very nice mufflers, good power,but they are loud is there a quieter set of slip-ons that you make. Maybe the megaphone slip-ons or the 2 into 1 supermeg?

    I have some hearing loss and need something pretty quiet. My last option would be to use stock mufflers.

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    BigD Guest


    I'm kind of in the same boat, so to speak. I've heard the fat shots can be tuned to be even quieter than stock, but I'd like to get some confirmation on that. I would also like to know what the impact on performance is before I lay out $600. I'm not looking for huge dyno numbers, but if they are tuned as quiet as stock, do they still perform better than stock? Better than the SE's?

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    jimesc Guest


    I know what your saying, I have a 2005 Road King 95" flat top pistons, ported heads, Andrews 26N cams that are set to run at 9.5:1 compression ratio with a 0.030 head gasket and Supertrapp SE slip ons.

    If you have some mild modifications done to your engine, mufflers that are normally quiet on a stock bike are loud on a modified bike.

    The bike runs excellent, it is just very loud.

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    bschultz Guest


    The SE's are our quietest option as far as touring model slip-ons. The FatShots are a good performance option and yes can be toned down with disc removal; however sound levels will still be equal to or most likely louder than the SE's.
    As you have mentioned, performance modifications of any kind, even something as simple as a freer flowing air filter, can have an effect on sound level.

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