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    BigD Guest

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    I have a 2010 Ultra Limited, with it's 103" engine. I;m looking to get a little more oomph out of it without damaging my hearing anymore than it already is. I'm searching for quiet power. I have a set of SE II's that a friend gave me (most likely for '09 and earlier). I put them on with the cat-filled stock headpipes and measured the sound and it was almost identical to stock. I have a couple questions.

    First I would like to get rid of the cat. I'm sorry, but I do not like the looks of the Supertrapp duals for my bike. In addition, I think the 2:1:2 is actually a good idea, so I'm looking at a set of Power Duals. Can you tell me how much of an increase in sound I'm going to experience?

    I am also looking at the Fat Shots. I like the look, and from what I understand they can be made as quiet as stock. I understand that would be a trade-off, power for sound, but do you know how much power would be lost, and how many discs to use to achieve that sound level?

    Additionally, how does the sound of the fat shots compare to the SE's? Is the tone as deep? I really like the deep tone of the SE's.

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    bschultz Guest


    The catalyst in the 2010 headpipe has a significant effect on the sound level. That's why there are "same model" pipes specifically for the 2010's, like the SE's. The 2010 specific pipes will be LOUDER on a 2009 bike (or a 2010 w/out cat) than on a 2010 (w/cat) and vice versa.
    The "Fat Shots" or the HD "SE FatShotZ" are a good option simply because you can control the exhaust flow/sound with the discs assembly.
    Your best bet is to find a '09 bike equipped with the pipes (mods) you are considering and have a listen. Become friends with your dealerships Service Department and frequent local "Bike Nights" in your area, ask questions and listen.

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    BigD Guest


    Thanks for the reply. I'd much rather go with the Supertrapp version of the Fat Shots for the ability to adjust them. In the video for the Fat Shots, and in responses froma ST employee on another forum, it appears the Fat Shots can be tuned to be quieter than stock with 6 discs on each side, but still outflow them.

    I'm equally or maybe a little more so concerned about the loudness (looking for quieter - especially at cruise) than I am about performance. So, should I tune the mufflers for my desired sound level first, then take it to the tuner and let him do his best with whatever number of discs I have in there?

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    bschultz Guest


    I think your last thought referencing tuning to the sound level has merit.

    Keep in mind the closed loop fuel injection should make the A/F ratio adjustments (to "set at the factory" parameters) no matter how many discs you run (within reason; not to few/restrictive or to many/freeflowing).

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    visitation Guest

    Default Supertrapp Fatshots

    I have 2010 Ultra Limited; SE 204 cams; Arlen Ness Big Sucker A/C; V&H power dual headpipe; Supertrapp Fatshots...

    Fatshots w/12 discs, closed endcap... very quiet, possibly quieter than stock mufflers with this setup...

    Haven't experimented yet with discs etc... bike runs fantastic... best of any exhaust I've tried... this is the 5th muffler & I'm completely happy, finally.

    1. RUSH 2-1
    2. Monster Ovals
    3. Monster Rounds
    4. Stock mufflers
    5. Fatshots... absolutely the best running and best sounding of anything.

    Hope this helps... Larry

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