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Thread: SuperMeg with Super E not so super

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    50fl Guest

    Default SuperMeg with Super E not so super

    I'll make this short and to the point. 02 FLHT, Installed SuperMeg with 20 disks and tuned CV carb and bike ran good. One the top end the bike was choking out like it was running out of fuel around 90 mph. I knew I was getting a S&S Super E in 2 weeks so I didn't tune any further. Installed the Super E, did some initial tuning and it runs great on the low to early top end but the bike seems to top out at 110 mph at 4500 rpms. No more power left. I have a hard time believing I am using everything the bike has.
    Any suggestions? Trying to shorten my tuning time between jets and disks
    88 TC
    Supertrapp w/ 20 disks
    Super E w/ 29.5 and 70 jets
    Kuriakyn Hyper Charger
    everything else stock

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    bschultz Guest


    You can try adding more discs (up to another 4-6) or opt for the open end cap which will provide more flow and sound. The flow of a 4" open end cap is equal to 10-12 discs.

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    50fl Guest


    Got an open end cap ordered. Should be here Thursday. I will give that a shot

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