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    berry.30 Guest

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    I've installed an exaust 2.1 on my harley davidson dyna.
    i've bought it from W&W catalog, its code is WW 70/329, i want to install the heat shield. wich is the code?
    or i want to know the equivalent W&W code from the zodiac catalog.
    I'm very satisfied of my exausts both as a sound as performance.
    By By from Italy!

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    bschultz Guest


    Without a system part number or a part number from the headpipe I would be guessing. Looks like an FXR 2:1 SS "low" system which would take 3pc heatshield kit 408-7355.

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    berry.30 Guest


    where is the part number?

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    bschultz Guest


    Part number on the headpipe is stamped at the end of the collector, which means you would most likely need to loosen the megaphone and slide it back to see the whole number (begins with pre-fix 050-xxxx).

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    berry.30 Guest


    w & w she said.
    code and exhaust ' ww70329 =SuperTrapp 826-71359, which can be mounted heat shield?

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    bschultz Guest


    P/n 408-7348

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