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Thread: BMW R1200R Supertrapp Polished S-C Elite Installation

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    Default BMW R1200R Supertrapp Polished S-C Elite Installation

    I installed a Supertrapp on my R1200R. I installed a Supertrapp Polished S-C Elite 2 1 - 4 in. Inlet - 4 in. Outlet - Stainless Steel , Part#: 446-2224. I bought it from Summit Racing. Center stand is retained.

    The build:

    I cut the can off my muffler, in the front cone section.

    I noticed the inlet pipe has 3 layers welded together: the pipe, the tapered/cone part of the can, and a perforated pipe.

    I then cut the cone away, leaving the perf-pipe, inlet pipe, and weld.

    I SLOWLY ground the weld until I could separate the perf-pipe from the weld.

    I SLOWLY ground the rest of the weld, leaving just the inlet pipe with center stand pad/bracket. Imagine you're grinding an egg shell and try not to break the membrane inside. Take your time.

    I polished the inlet pipe with ScotchBrite, hiding stray grinding marks at the same time. It will eventually turn color.

    The inlet pipe O.D. is 2.25", a snug fit in the Supertrapp. I had to persuade the inlet pipe with a rubber mallet until it was far enough inside the Supertrapp to prevent exhaust leakage.

    I hung the Supertrapp with the included clamp. It mates nicely with the original muffler hanger, no special hardware needed. I had to rotate the muffler until the logo lined up, and the seam is at the bottom. I used a rubber strap wrench to do this.

    The sound? It now sounds like a motorcycle instead of a Norelco. The muffler came with 8 or 10 discs. I bought 6 extra. I like the sound of 10 discs with the end cap.

    Performance improvement? I believe so, but have no plans to dyno test it.

    Weight savings approx. 4 lbs.
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    Looks good!

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