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Thread: Rattling or buzzing noise

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    RKingDon Guest


    Thanks, probably best if I let you guys handle it.

    What's the turnaround time normally for something like this?

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    bschultz Guest


    If we have the needed parts for replacement and/or repair on the shelf ... a couple of days.

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    lillakev Guest

    Default Similar problem and warning

    I experienced buzzing from my less-than-one-week-old Supertrapp Wavetech, just before the guts blew out of it on the road. Now I'm told it will be a week before a replacement core can be made (?) for my application. For the money I paid for this I expected better reliability and customer service. I will not be recommending Supertrapp in the future.

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    bschultz Guest


    Cores are secured in muffler bodies with one or more screws from the outside of the muffler body. A rattling or buzzing would be would be an indication the assembly may need to be inspected. Cores don't just BLOW out, yes it happens; however it is VERY rare.
    We are sorry for not having a replacement core readily available to process your warranty. We are a manufacturing facility, not a parts warehouse. We manufacture, package and ship product to our distributor network per requested orders.

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