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Thread: 00' Indian Chief Engine Upgrade and 3" 2:1 Disc Count

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    Default 00' Indian Chief Engine Upgrade and 3" 2:1 Disc Count

    Replacing my 2000 Indian Chief's original S&S 88" engine with an S&S 117". Would like to use the original Super Trapp 3" 2:1 exhaust system with the Indian OEM performance muffler insert (I believe it is same/similiar to the Super Trapp High Performance Insert) and the fishtail exhaust tip to maintain the original appearance.

    As the disc quantity will definitely go up, please provide your recommended starting point count of 3" discs:

    With an Open End Cap approx. Qty of 15-17?

    With a Closed End Cap approx. Qty of 21-24?

    Will the closed end cap and larger Qty of discs result in a quieter sound or is it a wash?

    Which configuration would you recommend for the best performance and quieter sound? Thanks.

    Best Regards
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