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Thread: 2006 Softail - PC3 - High Flow Airbox

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    Buellrunner Guest

    Default 2006 Softail - PC3 - High Flow Airbox

    Hey all,

    I just finished the install of my 2 into 1 Supermegs systems and I love it! I just want to make sure Im set up well.

    2006 Heritage Softail
    S.E. Air filter/Airbox
    PCIII - with the map from the Power Commander site for the 2001 Softail configured just like mine for the supermegs 2:1, with closed end cap and 21 discs.

    I'm running 18 discs tho, because I prefer a quieter system. Performance seems great - torque is there and so is HP.

    Im finding that my bike is drinking more gas then it used to with my porkers however.

    Should I remove more discs?

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    bschultz Guest


    Removing the discs will just make it run richer. Your fuel consumption is most likely due to the PC map. Have you tried the "Porker" map?

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    Buellrunner Guest


    No I've only run it with the map from the PC site...and its runs great, just a little heavy on fuel consumption. I used to get about 280km to a tank now im closer to 230/240 (this is all highway around 100/110km/h....)

    What about running it with zero map in the PC?


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    bschultz Guest


    I think that is worth a try and you may find the results your looking for.

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