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    flrider Guest

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    Have installed HD version Fatshots with open end cap with V&H True Duals on 05 Road Glide with 95" motor, S&S gear drive with 510 cam, 9.5:1 compression, no head work. How many discs per side for best overall performance with no increase in sound?

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    bschultz Guest


    The HD Screaming Eagle Fatshotz are equipped with open end caps and ten discs per muffler which should be more than enough flow for your combination. I would consider reducing the number of discs if you see signs of a lean running condition such as popping on decel, lack of low end grunt or ashey colored burn on your plugs. Closed end caps might also interest you if you looked to decrease the sound level.

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    flrider Guest


    thanks for the feedback. If I go with closed end caps what adjustments do I make to the number of discs?

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    bschultz Guest


    That's going to be up to you. If you replace the "open" end cap with the "closed" end cap and the additional discs, the exhaust will quiter. However if you want to reduce the sound level further you can remove discs to your liking.

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