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Thread: Love my SuperMegs

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    Smile Love my SuperMegs

    After 143K miles on my '02 Softail, the scream'in eagle pipes were loud birds fell from the trees and the jaundice eye from the man scared the h*** out of me. Bought the Supertraps just to quiet it down but never expected what followed...leaving the driveway I darned near pulled a wheeley! The increase in torque was stunning (particulary at low rpm which is were I like to ride)...I'm even getting 2 MPG better fuel economy! You got a customer for life.

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    Default Universal here and same story

    But keep it on the DL bro! Let's keep the SuperTrapp advantage our little sandbagging secret.

    p.s. click here for some of my forum stories. You might get some ideas.

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