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Thread: Harley Nightstick tuning

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    Default Harley Nightstick tuning

    I bought the Supertrapp tuning kit for the Nightstick and am trying to get the optimum setting for my set-up. I have the Harley high flow kit and stage 1 download. I removed the closed end cap, replaced it with the open end cap and left the 10 disks that were in the muffler in place - too loud and raspy for me. Next, I removed all but 2 discs and left the open end cap in place. This set-up sounds pretty good and feels pretty good based on my seat of the pants dyno. What do you think of this ?
    Also, will this set-up lean out the air/fuel mix beyond the stage 1 capability?

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    bschultz Guest


    I think you have found a combination that works. The "closed loop" fuel injection should be more than capable of accomodating your mods.

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