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Thread: FLHT / w many?

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    werkinstif Guest

    Default FLHT / w many?

    I've read the tuning set-up is almost an off the shelf type.
    I have, '00 flht, 95", Shortblock Charlie heads /w 165 lbs compression, Mikuni 42, 203 cam and big sucker a/c. I'm looking for low end / good milage
    How many disks would get me closer then starting with the suggested 12?


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    bschultz Guest


    Start tuning with 16-17 discs.

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    werkinstif Guest


    So I've started with 16 disks and found I have a lean condition as the spark plugs are bone white with a terrible stumble when getting into the main jet.
    I dropped the needle, ( mikuni 42) to the middle notch with good results. The stumble is still there. I have a 165 main jet, do you think I need to go with a 167.5 ( the next larger ) or should I start pulling disks out?
    I'm getting concerned about the fuel economy.


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    bschultz Guest


    Go back to your your original jetting and reduce the number of discs until you are no longer lean and performance is best (base line). Then if you want to jump into the carb you can. If you jump back and for the between the exhaust and the carb without setting a base line you can get caught in a "catch 22" and never get it right.

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