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Thread: Need a mounting bracket

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    Default Need a mounting bracket

    I have a 2000 Big dog Prosport 107 s&s evo very modified with a 2009 2into1 that came of a 2009 BD Mastif with a quite baffel I removed the baffel ,the pipe fits fine. Ive mounted the pipe to the frame via a V&H full radius bracket and 2 harley motor mounts.
    1 I would like to find a evo 2into1 bracket but dont know where to find it
    2 Need to know how to insert the disks shy of cutting the baffel and using the end that secured to the end of the pipe with two set screws tp mount the defusers disks

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    bschultz Guest


    To better assist you, please provide the P/N stamped on the muffler body. You should find one on the back of a welded on muffler bracket or on the inlet (under a clamp), it will begin with the pre-fix 027-xxxx (I need the last 4 digits).

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