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Thread: screaming eagles vs. Fatshots

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    tstidfole Guest


    O.k. thanks for the clarification, is there a part number i can get so i can order it? One more question, I understand this will take the place of 10 discs, Do i leave the 12 that is there now or do i remove 10 discs and install the open cap? that will leave me 2 rings and an open end cap =12 total? or should i remove all discs and just leave the open end cap? as i understand the recommended discs is 10 for the 09 street glide. I am looking for more sound, can i leave all the discs and simply install the open end caps? I noticed in the harley shop the screaming eagle version had about 10 Discs and a open end cap. thank you.
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    bschultz Guest


    I would remove all the discs and install the open end-cap. If you are still looking for more sound then start adding 2-3 at a time. Make sure and use anti-seize on the screws each time you replace the disc assembly.
    P/N end cap can be purchased via our webstore.

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