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Thread: Internal end cap size and bolt sizes

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    steve r Guest

    Default Internal end cap size and bolt sizes

    I have the Adventure 2 pipe that was designed for a BMW F650GS.
    This week end, the bolts holding the baffles and internal end cap worked their way loose and all fell out. It also cracked the end pipe. I need to know what size the bolts are so I can replace it, and wonder if you have anyone in south africa who would supply the end cap...
    Many thanks

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    bschultz Guest


    Adventure utilizes our "SuperLight Stainless" Series Universal mufflers which uses 4" discs. The stainless steel allen head screws used to secure the disc assembly are 10-24's and can be purchased in a 6 pack under P/N 404-7206. The stainless steel "closed" end-cap used at the end of the disc assembly can be purchased under P/N 406-3046.
    A good source for these components would be Summit Racing;

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    Shikota9 Guest


    I have the same exhaust on my BMW F650GS and want to replace it. Do I order P/N 425-17560 or 425-17190? I got a little confused because the canister itself is 16" but the overall length from inlet to the turndown outlet is just under 19".

    Which one?

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    bschultz Guest


    The 16' & 19" reference is for the "can" only, the inlet adaptor adds another 3.5-4", plus another couple inches for the turndown end-cap.

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    Shikota9 Guest


    Thanks for the reply!

    I went to the Summit Racing website and this is the info they have on P/N 425-17560 which led to my confusion about which one to order. The information they have on the 16" version states that the overall length is 16" not just the length of the can.

    Case Shape Round
    Inlet Diameter (in) 1.750 in.
    Inlet Quantity Single
    Inlet Location Center
    Outlet Diameter (in) 1.750 in.
    Outlet Quantity Single
    Outlet Location Center
    Internal Construction Baffled and glass wrap
    Muffler Material Stainless steel
    Muffler Finish Brushed
    Case Length (in) 13.000 in.
    Case Outside Dia. (in) 4.000 in.
    Overall Length (in) 16.000 in.
    Outlet Style Turndown
    Quantity Sold individually.
    Notes Internal disc-style muffler.

    Still kinda confused and need to order the replacement to get my bike back on the road...
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    Shikota9 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by bschultz View Post
    The 16' & 19" reference is for the "can" only, the inlet adaptor adds another 3.5-4", plus another couple inches for the turndown end-cap.
    Does that mean the information as listed by Summit Racing is incorrect?

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    bschultz Guest


    What you have highlighted in "red" is incorrect.

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    Shikota9 Guest


    Thanks for clearing that up for me...
    Now I can get it replaced and get the bike back on the road.

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    Blackjack Guest


    07 Yamaha Vmax was purchased with the supertrapp exhaust, need to replace a few of the bolts that hold the end cap and the 8 disc per side in place.

    If I remove 4 dices per side will this make it have a deeper tone or is there better way to achieve this kind of sound?
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    bschultz Guest


    Removing discs may provide a slightly deeper tone; however it may be at the sacrifice of top end performance.

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