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Thread: Harley Nightstick tuning

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    Default Harley Nightstick tuning

    I have a 2010 streetglide with a high flow kit and stage I download. I just got a Nightstick and want to make it a bit louder but don't want to lose power or torque. Can I buy the Supertrapp tuning kit, remove the closed end and add some discs and an open end and get what I want? What do you recommend? - how many discs, etc? Thanks

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    bschultz Guest


    Yes, I would just try swapping out the closed and open end cap and see if you get the results you want. You can add more discs beyond that if you want. More flow will normally provide more top end with a minor sacrifice in bottom end torque.

    Keep in mind the 2010 headpipes catalyst is a "big" sound eater, you are not going to get the same volume as a 2009 and earlier bike.

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