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Thread: Kerker soundclips

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    netvampire Guest

    Talking Kerker soundclips

    Hey there, as i have used the kerker mufflers before , and have been very pleased with performance and sound on most of my harleys, have a question please. i am currently looking at buying the kerker k series mufflers for my 09 nightrod special, ( K-SERIES S/O, HD NT/ST ROD '06-10 132-71134 ) but cant find any soundclips whats so ever around, anyone point me in the right direction.. also being fixed baffle, can these be used without a tuner on a stock bike..thanks...............................

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    bschultz Guest


    The Kerker K-Series for the Night/Street Rod are equipped with 2.5" baffles and are extremely free flowing and we highly recommend some sort of fuel management. Unlike the SuperTrapp FatShots, where the discs can be used to control the exhaust flow, the Kerkers are a fixed core and also provide more sound.

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    netvampire Guest


    thanks for the info, are there any sound clips around ?

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