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Thread: Supertrapp 4 Vacuum Pump Exhaust?

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    Stolman Guest

    Default Supertrapp 4 Vacuum Pump Exhaust?

    I have a vacuum pump with a 1.25" galvanized pipe exhaust. It appears the Universals / 3M Steel Dirtbike unit (top of pg 64 in your catalog) will provide the badly needed silencing of this pump. Can you please advise the difference between the Core Kit and the 2-Stroke Core Kit along with which is recommended for this application?

    Thanks very much,
    Phoenix, AZ

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    bschultz Guest


    My suggestion would be to contact Maradyne Industries at 216-362-0755 and talk to Adrian Halcomb at ext 137. Maradyne offerers a couple of industrial products that may suit your application.

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