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Thread: Quiet pipes for an 04 883/1200 Sportster

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    Default Quiet pipes for an 04 883/1200 Sportster


    I am having great difficulty in finding some pipes for my Harley that I, my neighbours and the police are going to be happy with.

    I saw the Silent series, so thought of one of those, but the "Find MY Pipe" system on the site does not bring up any Model numbers that correspond to any of the Silent Series pipes.

    I have already wasted my money on two sets of different pipes ( S.E.1's and Samson BG3's) , I dont want to f**k up again and get sold something not suitable.

    I have have sent the following to the sales team e-mail address, but then saw this forum so thought I would try here as well.

    Here is the situation.

    I have a Factory standard 2004 883 XL Sportster.

    I want to get basic 'Stage 1' performance increase.

    I have a Big Sucker air cleaner kit and a selection of jets and CV Performance Stage 1 carb tuning kit.

    I have a 1200cc upgrade kit that re uses the 883 heads, so system need to be OK for that...when I fit it.

    At the moment I have mid mount controls, but have ordered forward controls, when ever they arrive.
    What ever exhaust system I choose, MUST be compatible with BOTH control types Forward and Mid Mount.

    System must be compatible with factory pillion footrests.

    They need to be relatively quiet, the local police are very heavy on noisy bikes.

    So far I have been sold two sets of pipes, by local dealers in England who are not listening to what I want. I have tried a set of Screaming Eagle 1 slip ons and a Samson Ripsaw Big Guns 3 system. Both sets are TOO NOISY.

    I prefer the two individual pipes with no balance pipe if possible to get that 'true harley sound',

    Chrome or black pipes, not worried

    So what can you suggest

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    bschultz Guest


    We offer two basic optons for the '04 Sporsters. A 2:1 Performance pipe which has a deep throaty sound; however nothing close to obnoxious. The second being the Paul Yaffe designed X-Pipes which are 2:2 (no balance tube), equipped with removable louvered baffles; however these are "drag pipes" and loud.

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