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Thread: Supertrapps connected end to end ?

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    scottperkinsusa Guest

    Default Supertrapps connected end to end ?

    I need to eliminate as much noise as possible while minimizing backpressure.
    Would the result of connecting multiple mufflers together without the
    use of diffusion disks accomplish that ? Which supertrapps would work
    best for this? The engine is a 6000 rpm 700 cc hi compression motorcycle
    engine in an airboat. I'd like to be able to use the lightweight aluminum
    Has anyone ever tried this?
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    bschultz Guest


    Again, your goal would be more likely accomplished with an OEM (stock motorcycle muffler) product. We have no knowledge of anyone attempting your idea. Even if you figured a way to attach several of these units together, the number of mufflers would be numerous to reach the level of sound you desire.

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