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Thread: Making my own shell etc.

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    Brownie Guest

    Default Making my own shell etc.

    For a 750 custom triumph, I would like to know what part no the starting ring with the nuts incorporated (to take the long screws) for a 3" ring pak please.

    Seems like a very close gap from where the exhaust gas exits the ring and the inner wall of the body which surrounds the enclosed mufflers,1mm?, 2mm? obviously it works but I would think the open rings would work better?

    Hope this is not an offensive question to Supertrapp but I work with SS and don't see the need to pay the extra for something I can make which will be unique.

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    bschultz Guest


    P/N 304-6506...3" disc 6 pack
    P/N 304-6512...3" disc 12 pack
    P/N 304-7203...bolt 3 pack (8-32x2")

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