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Thread: need Quiet like a golf cart for Airboat app

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    Default need Quiet like a golf cart for Airboat app

    I am using a hi compression two cylinder 700 cc motorcycle engine
    reving to 6000 rpms
    on an airboat and I need to make it extremely quiet without creating
    excess back pressure and robbing power. I understand how the diffuser
    plates work but I hope not to use them much and instead maybe consider
    using two or three Supertrapp muffleres connected in series to
    reduce the noise as much as possible. I think because of the hi
    compression of this engine it is extraordinarily loud ... way louder
    than most car engines I've heard with straight pipes.

    I'd like to hear from the experts as I believe most Supertrapp products
    are for the performance crowd that usually want a loud, gnarly and
    throaty sound to impress people. I am getting special permission
    to operate on a lake that normally prohibits motorized traffic it
    I can make it super quiet like todays dealer automobiles.

    I have already designed a super large and slow turning propeller
    to eliminate that source of noise.
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