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Thread: 2010 Dyna Wide Glide

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    syono1981 Guest

    Cool 2010 Dyna Wide Glide

    I just purchases a 2010 Dyna Wide glide and I would like to install a supertrapp exhuast and supertrapp fuel control. I just having trouble figuring out what will work on my new ride.

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    bschultz Guest


    All 2010 Dyna models have catalysts in the mufflers. All of our 2009 product will physically fit on the 2010 models. None of the 2009 product has been updated to show 2010 fitment because doing so would require the removal of the catalysts.
    Supertrapp does not offer a SupePak (fuel management) application for the newer "closed loop" fuel injection models.

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    syono1981 Guest


    So i can install your 09 model on my wide glide?

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    bschultz Guest


    Yes; however in doing so you would be removing the catalysts.

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