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Thread: Tuning SUPERTRAPP for S&S 95" upgrade

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    floutier Guest

    Default Supermeg 2 in 1 for dyna sport 2004

    Sorry to insist with detailed questions, but I do not want to do any mistake for this kind of investment. My dealer is telling there might be an issue with the oil gauge opening of my Duna 2004 sport and the rear cylinder tube of the Supermeg. See attached pictures. Thank you for your answer.
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    crazy canuck Guest



    I have the supermeg 2:1 on my Head-Quarters 95" and let me tell you that you will not regret it. I've tried 3 different 2:1 pipes and the supermeg is by far the best performing and least loud pipe out there. Just my honest opinion.


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    floutier Guest


    Thanks Crazy canuck
    I have no doubdt about the performance and sound, considering the lenght and large volume of the Supermeg. My only concern is regarding the mounting on my dyna Sport 2004 where the rear cylinder tube of the exhaust seems right in the way of the oil gauge, thus making it impossible to open. See pictures. Anyone have mounted this supermeg on a Dyna Sport 2004? Can Supertapp moderator tell about this possible issue?

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    bschultz Guest


    When HD moved the dipstick location slightly a few years back there was a problem with the 2:1 which we immediately corrected by changing the bend on the rear headpipe. It's very close; however if you follow the instructions, you should not have an issue.

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    floutier Guest


    Thanks Supertrapp Guru
    I really appreciate your quick answer and information to your customers.
    I guess I will now have to run to my Supertrapp dealer: The Riviera Shopper store, Biver, France.

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    floutier Guest

    Thumbs up Super supermeg !!

    Hello Supertrapp Guru
    Here it is !! Got the baby mounted. Perfect look, Nice S shape on the rear cylinder, and a clerance to the floor more than enough.
    Quick questions however: I have a S&S kit 95" on this Dyna 2004. How many minimum discs to keep a reasonable low sound but keep the engine breath enough?
    Any packing to add?
    Thanks for your answer
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    bschultz Guest


    16-18 discs with your mods should breathe/perform well. The muffler comes with a "full" compliment of packing straight out of the factory, there should be no need to add or repack until time & miles indicate it's getting louder.

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    floutier Guest


    Again thanks for your answer, and the time you take for it.
    You guys at Supertrapp are good to give consistant answer to your customers (even foreigners like me).
    To ALL : I had the same reactivity from the Supertrapp online store representative Jeff Wells. This shows the total committment of this company to his customers. And I work in Marketing..... I wish every company work like you do..!!!

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    floutier Guest

    Default SUPERMEG issue....

    Hello bschultz,
    You might remember me, as I was happy to install a Supermeg 2/1 on my Dyna 2004 a couple of months ago.
    Well, the exhaust works fine, however, I am very disapointed by the quality of the chrome. The end part of the megaphone became all yellow/blue, and the very end part of it (after the discs) looks even shrinked...
    Please have a look on the attached pictures.
    Do you have waranty on this expensive part?
    Thank you for your answer.
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    bschultz Guest


    ALL chrome starts to discolor when exposed to temperatures in excess of 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit. Normal bluing/discoloration is 6-12 inches from the head ports, beyond that is normally an indication of running lean. We've also seen excessive bluing with the increased use of Dyno tuning and repeated WOT runs.
    How many discs are you running?

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