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Thread: Tuning SUPERTRAPP for S&S 95" upgrade

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    floutier Guest


    Hello bschultz,
    I got the fuel map for my powercommander directly from Dynojet.
    I am running 14 discs in order to keep the sound not too loud in the neighberhood....
    The yelow/blue started after I did a 3 hours ride, that might explain the heat, but surprised me. 3 hours ride is not that long...
    Can the muffler be replaced through the dealer I bought it from? (Riviera Shopper/Biver/France)
    Thanks you for your help,

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    bschultz Guest


    You can; however the 14 discs sounds restrictive and may cause the same results on a new can.

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    floutier Guest


    OK, so how do I proceed for the muffler replacement?
    Do you have a warranty code I can give to the dealer?
    They are closed for summer vacation until July 20, but I can do it after. There is no rush.
    Do you need the current muffler sent to you for the exchange?
    Thank you for your support.

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    bschultz Guest


    All SuperTrapp products come with a limited one-year warranty against workmanship and mechanical failure; however, bluing/discoloration is considered a tuning issue and NOT covered under warranty. It would be your dealer’s discretion whether they chose to assist you with the muffler replacement.

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    floutier Guest


    Understood, however, the shrinkage of the end (see picture) is a mechanical design issue....don't you think?

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    bschultz Guest


    The muffler body on your system has been in production for over a decade and we have not had issue with it during that time.

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